We are pleased to announce that our new

location in Coconut Creek community center.

Address is 1100 lyons rd Coconutcreek FL. 33063




ACTIVE SHOOTER class will be held in our new location in Coconut Creek . Date to be determined.Our mission is to train   people to control their fear ,avoid panic responses, and take immediate action  in the event of a shooting. Instruction is broken down into the FBI categories of run, hide, and fight. The principles used to become proficient in these categories are derived from Systema. This is a Russian combat martial art used by their special forces to deal with any life threatening situations. It is based on the principles of relaxation, breathing and movement.   Call or text Scott at 954-326-6440 


1. BREATH WALKING to 5 steps per inhale/exhale


3.TENSION RELEASE-full body with holds

4. Ground up movement- 

5. Noise discipline-smooth, quiet intentional movement

6. Moving in crowds-hand leading, level changes

7. Moving through doors and windows, constant contact no noise

8. Introduction to weapons avoidance and disarm- offline trapping. Knife,handgun

ATTIRE - camo pants and T-shirt, or gym clothes

Activity level- high

20 spots available

Location : Coconut Creek

Class is at 12pm on  Saturday June 2nd for 2 hours

Cost is $40 per person

Minimum age is 14

Plastic weapons will be supplied for Phase 1

Nothing you do is wrong as long as you do something!


  Systema does not use tension and jerky movements."these tension filled shifts of positions are counterproductive because firstly,they are visible to the opponents, and secondly, they are perceived as a threat." Vladimir Vasiliev

Learn to control your breathing and mind, deal with weapon attacks, multiple attackers, and diverse settings. Work effectively in confined space, against walls, or on the ground. Even in a vehicle or the water you can have the training and confidence to prevail.

Systema evolved from the Russian Knights as early as the 10th Century. Strong spirit and versatile tactics, helped them to overcome adverse terrain and climate conditions as well as superior enemy forces. The resulting style is natural, relaxed, and not rigid. It is designed to be quickly learned for military combat. There are no fixed rules or katas.




The instructors at sytema Boca are a branch from Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev's systema. Trained by the 1st certified instructors in the U.S. the Merrell brothers in Palm Beach. We teach systema that strengthens your mind and body,and is not damaging or destructive. 'Know yourself" release anger, fear, and ego and realize how clarity can increase your effectiveness.

         The         system
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